An art affair

After eight years in Stockholm, Lara Golay returned to her native California to continue pursuing her acting career. Besides that she also set up a boutique contemporary art agency promoting Swedish artists. We met up with her in her favourite part of the city, Santa Monica, where she also lives.

You’re based in LA, but spend a lot of time in Stockholm. Anything you learnt from living there?

I am a SoCal native and have lived in Stockholm for 8 years and was in London before that. I guess almost half my life has been abroad in Europe and it’s been the greatest gift. Sweden is a magical place and has taught me so many things – traditions, design, culture. The list could go on and on.

You’re an actress but also run your own art consultancy business in LA connecting private clients with Swedish artists – have you always had an interest for contemporary art? How did it all come about?

Yes, I am an actress, which is how I express my own art. But my admiration for other artistic mediums is what led me to develop Vaster, a boutique contemporary art agency based here in LA, representing a small number of amazing Swedish artists. I studied design in London before going on to study drama. I wanted a way to connect my time in Sweden and love for Scandinavian design with my roots in California. We just launched this Spring and can’t wait to share all of our talented artists with you.

Is there anything that defines Swedish art according to you?

I feel Sweden has such history in quality craftsmanship and I can see that shine through in artists today. To me Swedish art is pure, often grounded in nature, using soft palettes and cool tones.

Lara in OH-14

What is your all-time favourite art experience?

The Rodin museum in Paris.

Can you recommend an up-and-coming artist you have your eyes on right now?

All of Vaster’s artists! But keep an eye out for Josephine Aune and Jonathan Hokklo.

What’s your most treasured art object?

A beautiful original pendant necklace by Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hübe. My mom bought it on a trip to Paris in 1969 and she handed down to me.

Do you have any advice when it comes to investing in art?

Take your time before making a purchase, read up on the artist and their story. Make sure it’s something you love and connect with.

Lara in OH-14

Lara in OH-14

What’s your favourite gallery in LA?

The Getty Villa, it reminds me of Europe but it’s a museum. The C-S Art Cottage in Silverlake is a cool hidden gem.

What part of LA do you go for inspiration?

I live in Santa Monica and feel so grounded and inspired here. Morning walks around my neighbourhood have become a meditative ritual for me. But I also love Malibu.

What is it like being an actress in LA? Especially after Me too? Anything that has changed in the industry?

Being an actor anywhere comes with great highs and lows, it is not a career for the faint of heart but it’s something I am, it’s in my being. After working and living in Europe for over a decade, LA is refreshing but also overwhelming. Despite all the changes in the industry I think it’s a very exciting time and I am so hopeful for the future here.

What’s your dream role?

I would love to land a series lead on an HBO drama or a Bond girl, I adore spy films.