LA’s natural beauty

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Stephanie GM is all about natural beauty. Besides finding harmony on a hike on Mandeville Canyon, she loves putting her feet in the sand and hearing the ocean, no matter what time of year.

You’re a make-up artist based in LA, how would you define beauty?

Beauty to me is something so hard to explain in words, I find it to be more of a feeling. Whether it’s a feeling for something that I find beauty in or a feeling someone whom I perceive as beautiful carries.

What’s the perfect look according to you?

What I do with makeup is enhancement. I enhance the persons true beauty using their features and creating gorgeous well-loved skin. So the perfect look according to me is fresh skin, minimal foundation, a pop of colour on the cheeks and lips and curled lashes.

You have just returned from living in London, what trends do you see in beauty right now?

It’s funny you ask this, I haven’t thought about trends as much since living in LA! London was very much about trends and I was always writing quotes for what’s next from Fashion Week makeup looks based on shapes and current colours to new product trends. Now focusing on natural beauty I see skin, healthy skin as the trend. An understanding of what shows on your face is coming from a deeper level in your body, so green beauty as a whole is definitely trending and all the ways people can glow from the inside out and show their best skin as a result.

Stephanie in OH-11

Tell me about your natural and organic ointment Ouli’s Ointment, what’s the story behind it?

I started Ouli’s Ointment three years ago in London. Before that when my grandmother Yiayia got sick, I had an idea to create something natural, simple and completely adaptable that would keep my connection to her and the island my family is from, Zakynthos. Yiayia’s use of chamomile in my childhood and our family olive groves were a huge inspiration. When I got pregnant all the pieces started to fall into place of being connected to the right people and really making it happen. So my son and Ouli’s were born at the end of 2015! Now it’s sold worldwide and I’m expanding my product line from the one little tin of sunshine to more simple and adaptable products.

What’s your favourite part of LA?

The beach, there is something so grounding about putting my feet in the sand and hearing the ocean, no matter what time of year. That and the drive from Culver City to Hollywood, when I hit the clearing where I see the hills and the Hollywood sign.

Where to you go to unwind?

I go for a ride up in Topanga or hike with my dog at one of the off-leash locations usually Mandeville Canyon.

Stephanie in OH-11

Do you have a favourite spa in the city?

Alchemie in Santa Monica! The best massages and most knowledgeable therapists.

How do you stay healthy and strong?

I try to stay on top of my fitness with yoga and lagree pilates

Where do you go for lunch?

I love Sweetgreens for lunch or Loqui tacos at Platform in Culver. If I’m in a rush I will grab lunch from the supermarket we always shop at which is a Co+opportunity Market.

Do you have a style icon?

Hmm… the first person that comes to mind is Alexa Chung! I used to work with her and I adore her style, her passion for clothes and fashion knowledge. I’m very much a tee shirt and jeans kinda girl and love my sneakers!