Destination: Insider guide to Seoul

Sisters Jenny and Linda Fuglsang spend their time between Stockholm and Seoul. Full of fantastic food, fashion and culture, the South Korean capital is quickly becoming a must-see sight.

You are based in Stockholm and Seoul. What are the best features with each city?

They are in a way each other’s opposite and that’s why we love that we can live in both cities. In Stockholm everything is close, there is a cosy feeling on the streets and you very quickly learn the different areas. Seoul is much bigger and there are so many different parts of the city to discover. You are always safe and there is always something to do and new to see! It’s a real city pulse and a constant growing hub.

What is your favourite area in Seoul?

We have always stayed in Gangnam area. As PSY sings about in Gangnam Style, the place is very hip and upscale. There are so many unique boutiques, restaurants and cute cafés. We specifically like Sinsa in Gangnam since it has the best shopping!

Where do you find the best street food?

Myeondong is great for street food and shopping. You walk down the main street and you are surrounded by the international and Korean brands and lots of fun street food to try. Our favourites are the traditional Tappokki (spicy rice cake) and the fried spiralled potato stick. 

Best shopping?

There are so many great shopping malls with fun concepts in Seoul. Our favourites are Doota, which is in Dongdaemun (also just where fashion week is held) and Common Ground. At Doota you find the coolest Korean designer brands. Common Ground is a trendy shopping district made out of 200 containers filled with cafés and up-coming designers.

Do you have favourite Korean fashion brand?

KYE is one of our favourites at the moment, her brand is very hip and reflects the stylish Korean style. We also love Pushbutton and Steve J and Yoni P, which both are trendy, bold brands. 

Where do you go for the best art experience?

Insadong is the place to go if you want to see traditional Korean art. There are many beautiful art museums around there and also the oldest palace called Gyeongbokgung palace. We went there recently for a photoshoot dressed in traditional Korean Hanboks (Korean silk dresses). 

Where do you treat yourself to some ’me time’?

Our favourite hideaway for relaxation and everyday luxury is Grand Hyatt and Banyan Tree spa. Both places are hotels but their spas are stunning.

Where do you go for cocktails?

Itaewon is a fun place to go out for drinks. There are lots of fun, creative bars in that area. Cheongdam also has many fun, hidden bars with amazing cocktails and good music. 

Where do you go for a nature experience? 

When we have time we like to take the short flight to Jeju Island. It is less than 1 hour away from Seoul and it is a tropical climate with palm trees and clear water. At Jeju they also have amazing mountains, we went to Hallasan which has a great views of the island. 

 Anything else you shouldn’t miss here?

The best time to visit Seoul is in the spring from March-June when the climate is warm and the cherry blossoms are amazing. Avoid July since it can be very humid and December is very cold. The autumn, around October, is also a great time to visit. Don’t miss out on the night shopping! In Dongdaemun you can shop at 3 in the morning and also get a good meal. There are big department stores but also really fun, outside markets that are open almost all night.