High on heels

Stockholm-based fashion editor and stylist Sania Claus Demina just released her shoe brand Sania D’mina. We put ourselves in her shoes and asked for her best style advice (and some Stockholm hotspots too.)

Sania in OH-14

You’ve released a shoe brand, describe that journey going from stylist to designer!

Having a vision and making things happen is a process that motivates me and keeps me inspired in everything I do, whether I’m styling an editorial or pulling looks or ideas for upcoming content. The same goes with my shoes. I had an idea, and although I knew very little about the process, I’ve really enjoyed learning and finding my ways to make my vision come true.

What’s the thought behind the brand?

I’ve been focusing on making the shoes comfortable, elongating and sleek. My goal has been to make the perfect version of slingbacks after wearing so many different pairs during the past years. I wanted to make a high heel with the comfort of a kitten heel. They lay flat on the ground on the front part, which allows the toes to relax. I don’t even try on shoes that have, what I call it, banana-toes. It’s uncomfortable and not very flattering.

What’s is the biggest challenge running and starting on your own company?

All the unexpected issues one has to deal with! My friend and mentor Mattias Storm mentioned that Martin Lorentzon, co-founder of Spotify, once said that “The value of a company is the sum of the problems you solve together” and that really helped me set my mind to almost being excited when a challenge come my way.

What’s your all time favourite shoe brand?

Tough one but the first one that came to mind was Manolo Blahnik.

What would you say the latest trends in shoes are and how do you style them?

People seem to go crazy over vintage Manolos at the moment. Those I’d style with a cool suit. Strappy sandals and mules are perfect for any party dress, and I love pairing white shoes with denim.

You live and work in Stockholm. What’s your favourite shop right now?

I’ve always appreciated the work of Nathalie Schuterman with her store in the Östermalm district. She always makes sure they have the coolest pieces by the most interesting high-end designers in store. It’d be an honour to have my shoes there.

Where do you go for dinner?

Café Nizza on Södermalm is my latest discovery. One of my favourite restaurants in Stockholm is Babette in Vasastan, such a cosy place, owned by the same people as Café Nizza. Great atmosphere, delicious food and a cool vibe. Another super cool place is Bistrot Paname. It’s probably the most French spot in Stockholm. I would also love to have dinner at L’Avventura soon.

Sania in OH-14

Where do you go for an art experience?

I’m so happy Nationalmusem in Stockholm is open again! I could walk around here for hours and hours.

Do you have a place you always return to for inspiration or to just escape the city buzz?

I love long walks around the city park Djurgården in Stockholm. Beautiful places help me recharge.

Do you have a person we should check out for inspiration?

Maria Bernad is a super cool Spanish woman that inspires me a lot. She fell in love with my green slingback pumps which really was a beautiful compliment. Jeanne Damas is the dreamiest French woman that I had the pleasure of meeting once. I hope she’ll wear my shoes at some point soon. I love how they both mix modern pieces with vintage which is how I like to describe my shoes: ‘modern classic meets vintage treasure’.