Madly in Love

Singer and songwriter Madison Love sang before she could speak. Besides her own music, she has written songs for artists such as G-Eazy & Halsey, Axwell Ingrosso and Zara Larsson. We met Love at her dreamy Los Angeles-pad with her ever-so-stylish poodle Gigi.

Madison in OH-14

Tell us about your career, how and when did you discover your voice?

I was born singing; my parents say that I was singing long before speaking. Later, trying to find an outlet for my teenage angst, I started writing songs. Thirteen turned into 17, and I was playing in clubs, coffee shops, and an occasional stint on the 3rd street promenade. I went to college thinking I was only an artist writing songs for myself, but came out as songwriter for other artists as well. It came easier for me to write for others and put myself in the background for a while. I ended up signing to Artist Publishing Group while still in college, and had my first number one on pop radio before I graduated. Through songwriting for others, I discovered my voice.

How would you describe your music?

Sweet and psycho, light and dark, modern and classic.

In what state of mind are you the most creative?

Normally in the mornings, and once I’ve had my matcha latte! 

You have co-written two Billboard Hot 100 hits: Bad Things by Camila Cabello and Machine Gun Kelly, and Him & I by Halsey and G-eazy. What is the biggest difference writing for others? What is your proudest moment when it comes to collaborating with an artist?

Writing for others can be easy and difficult. Easy because you can go outside yourself and write from a completely different point of view. Suddenly all of the different styles or genres are open to you, as well as other languages. You step outside your comfort zone, and it can be very freeing. But It can sometimes be difficult when the artist or their team puts too many parameters on what I can and cannot create. I love when I can collaborate with an artist, create the magic together, and they are so proud to sing and perform it. Something they’d been trying to share with their fans, they imagined it, but I helped them bring it to life.

Madison in OH-14

Madison in OH-14

Do you have a line that has stuck with you?

“Always be a student”

What are you working on at the moment?

I am currently working on releasing my own music!

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Hit songs from the past, things I overhear people say in restaurants or bars, reality television, and poetry.

You have a Japanese mother, and your boyfriend is Swedish, what have you learned from those cultures? (Oh My Eyes has a similar mix as you may know!)

Both cultures are incredibly kind, quiet (haha), and gentle. Then on the other hand, my mother and grandmother were very strict, while my Swedish boyfriend is more laid back and lets me get away with more things. When I was younger, every night before I fell asleep, my grandmother would sing Japanese lullabies to me. My Swede is also a singer, so I get a lot of music from both cultures. 

Madison in OH-14

Gigi in OH-14

How would you say Oh My Eyes compliments your style? 

Oh My Eyes is sleek and chic (I love to rhyme… obviously); I try to incorporate those two words in my own personal style. I love anything classic with a modern edge. 

You live and work in Los Angeles, what is it like?

It’s where the work is. LA is not my ideal city because there is no walking. I miss living in New York where I went to college (The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, Tisch). Everyone that knows me, knows that I’m a partial New Yorker at heart.

Is the music industry as glamorous as it’s known for?

Yes, when you have number one songs on pop radio! You get invited to the events, and award ceremonies, and hang with bigger artists. But otherwise, no! Most of the time I’m grinding every single day, trying to meet new people, write the best songs I can, and get them heard. It’s always difficult to get songs placed with artists, and even harder to get the companies and fans to push the song onto radio. That is the blood, sweat and the tears on the not so glamorous side.

Madison in OH-14

What is your most star struck moment in your career?

Performing at the ASCAP awards right in front of Lana Del Rey and getting to meet her afterwards.

Is there anyone you would love to sit down for lunch with?

Lady Gaga! She is my favourite!

Who should we meet next and why? 

Hit songwriter Simon Wilcox! She is one of the most incredible writers in the business and one of my favourite collaborators. And…

Erik Hassle! One of the sickest voices in music, a very dear friend, and I love him to death!