We have had our eyes on Danish skincare brand NUORI for long – finally we’re able to present our collaboration where OH MY EYES customers receive a complimentary NUORI Vital Eye Cream. We met with NOURI’s founder Jasmi Bonnen in her hometown Copenhagen.

What are your thoughts on the collaboration? 

I think there is perfect fit on so many levels between the NUORI concept and the OH MY EYES vision. Both companies are rooted in Scandinavia, but think and act globally. We at NUORI obsess about every detail of our product and so does OME. Innovation, high quality raw materials and a distinctive look are the driving forces for both companies’ product development. And I also love the fact that OME collection is unisex, because NUORI also creates products for the modern, conscious consumer irrespective of his/her/their gender.

How do you best protect your eyes? 

My eyes are very sensitive to light, so I always wear sunglasses when the sun is out, also in the winter. And to protect the delicate skin around the eyes, I apply NUORI’s Vital Eye Cream both in the evenings and mornings. This lightweight cream contains natural hyaluronic acid, which boost the skins hydration levels and plumps up fine lines from within. Our signature complex of shea butter, vitamin C and E protects the skin against oxidative stress. I also always carefully apply a thin layer of a mineral-based SPF 30 to the skin around the eyes, to prevent sun-induced damage to the skin.

Jasmi in OH-06

NUORI products are fresh and usable 9 months after blending compared to 30 months, which is the industry standard and they don’t contain any synthetic preservatives. What would you say is the biggest advantage with this?

Our philosophy is called “Fight for Fresh” and our whole concept is built around the simple fact that freshly blended skincare gives us the unique opportunity to create the purest formulas with the highest level of efficacy:

Our products can be kept truly pure and highly potent, since no synthetic preservatives or other additives are needed to artificially prolong the stability and shelf life of the products.

The efficacy of any given NUORI formula is higher since active ingredients are not weakened by time-related breakdown.

And to ensure this high level of freshness, our NUORI products are blended in small batches every 10 to 12 weeks in the laboratory in Denmark and promptly delivered to our retail partners around the world.

What does your own beauty routine look like?

I like to keep things simple and my biggest beauty secret is to try to get 8 hours of sleep and stay well hydrated – both outside and inside.

Every night I wash my face with NUORI’s Vital Foaming Cleanser, which is the perfect product for removing pollution and makeup as well as gently exfoliating and hydrating skin. I follow up with Vital Unifier and my preferred NUORI moisturizers. I am also completely addicted to our Lip Treat. Just before going to bed, I apply a really generous amount of the balm to my lips and then massage the rest onto my cuticles for conditioned nails by the morning.

When I wake up, I only splash cold water onto my face, and then apply a light day cream. I keep a bottle of NUORI’s Vital Eye Cream in the fridge for those mornings when I feel I need an extra pick-me-up: I tap on the cool cream and give myself a little eye micro-massage around the eyes. This reduces puffiness and makes me feel wide-awake.

Jasmi in OH-06

Where do you go for lunch in Copenhagen?

I am currently obsessed with The Corner at the noma-operated restaurant 108. The Corner is their casual wine and coffee bar where they also serve breakfast and lunch. The menu often consists of only a handful of dishes, which are all worth savouring.

And dinner?

I have been a long-time fan of Restaurant Pluto, which was one of the first ones to introduce family-style sharing plates to Copenhagen. The place is always packed, and also does great cocktails. For a true fix of new-nordic dining and natural wines (at still affordable prices), I go to Manfreds. They serve a lot of veggie-based dishes as well as a kick-ass tartar.

You split your time between Copenhagen and New York. What are your favourite spots in the city? 

What I love about New York is that there is a great selection of cool vegetarian and vegan restaurants where you do not need compromise on atmosphere, quality, service, or style. The Butcher’s Daughter is a favourite of mine for breakfast or lunch, and I love ABC Home’s new restaurant abcV for dinner. 

Do you have a favourite concept store?

My all-time favourite concept store in Copenhagen is STORM. They are in many ways a cultural curator of their own definition of style: high-fashion, limited edition street wear, books, magazines, accessories and beauty products. In New York, I absolutely love the concept store TOTOKAELO. They are originally from Seattle, and their assortment really differs from that of high-end department and mono brand stores. We at NUORI are really proud of the fact that our products can be found on the sleeves of both of these iconic stores.

Jasmi in OH-06

Jasmi in OH-06