On stage with Electra Hallman

Her first big role was a solo show at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. Now Electra Hallman’s biggest mission in life is to use her platform as an actor to make change.

You’re a natural talent and amazing performer. Where did you learn to act?

Thank you! I went to Malmö Theatre Academy, and have a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts – Acting. The school taught me the technical tools of the craft, but the more artistic tools I learned from working with my fellow students, both in the acting department and the playwriting department.

What makes you thrive as an actor?

A politically engaging production. A director who is interested in acting (surprisingly not a given for all directors). Fellow actors who challenges and pushes me. A working environment that supports both individual and collective artistic opinions. And an audience that keep on discussing and thinking about the work after the applause is finished. I also, bizarre as it may sound, quite like when somebody hates the play or film that I’m in. It gives you new thoughts, if the person is kind enough to tell you why they didn’t like it. New perspectives is always a good thing, and criticism is a gift.

What happens to your body when on stage?

Usually I just get a bit more aware of my body and its movements, which is good seeing as I am portraying someone else and need to be aware of how I move and talk so to serve the play of film best. But on a weirder note, for some reason I always get cramps in my bottom lip when I have a premiere. Really strange, and also incredibly annoying, seeing as it not only makes it hard to talk but also, I look like I’m trying to imitate Angelina Jolie when compensating by pushing out my upper lip. Luckily it’s only on premiere nights though.

Electra in OH-06

Electra in OH-01

What does an equal society mean to you?

Socialism. That diversity is celebrated, not neglected. The realisation that through different backgrounds, stories and perspectives both individuals and the greater human collective thrives and flourishes. The death of classism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, age discrimination, religious discrimination and capitalism.

What’s your biggest mission in life?

To use my platform as an artist to create change. To convince as many as possible that the arts are a crucial part of a democratic society, and that the arts should be available to everyone, both on a physical, emotional and psychological level.

What’s your dream actor to meet on stage or on set and why?

Lucy Liu and Idris Elba. Two of the greatest actors in the world. Plus I think we would make an awesome trio in like a sci fi-movie or something. Lucy would be the leader, and Idris and me would be the side kicks.

What series should we be watching this spring?

Binge watch New Girl, particularly season 3 and 4. Lamorne Morris is a comedic genius.

Do you like dressing up? If so describe how. 

YES. First and foremost, I’ll contour the shit out of my face. When it comes to clothes, I always wear black. I usually feel a bit uncomfortable when dressing up “too much”, so I’ll go for black denim and dress up using jewelry, often silver rings. Both in my ears and on my fingers. And my Dr Martens. Always Dr Martens.

What would your winning speech at the Academy Awards include?

I would like to say “Fuck off look at me now” to all my nay-sayers, but that doesn’t sound too sympathetic, and I wouldn’t technically want to give them air time. So I would thank my biggest inspiration in acting, which are four of my dearest friends and colleagues, Linn, Gizem, Ella and Lisa. They make me a better actor and a better person. That would be nice to have broadcasted all over the world, the gratitude I feel towards them.

Electra in OH-12