VERO’s secret mission

Swedish trio Vero is set on a secret mission as a band and we won’t be able to miss it. Meet Clara, Julia and Amanda who got blessed by the gods and goddesses of rock’n’roll.

OH-12 and OH-06

Describe your sound and mission as a band.

Drum machine, kraut black sheep, 80s pop 90’s rock. Our mission remains our secret but let’s just say it’s grand and extraordinary. You won’t be able to miss it when it happens.

Describe your process of writing music. What can a session be like?

Usually we all meet up in the studio, have a talk about this and that, then we jam. There’s some experiments with sounds, instrument swaps and blah blah-singing, until a demo has been made. Then we export the sound files of the day’s work and listen to them on repeat until next session, many ideas have been born that way. And when it comes to routines and focus, well, some days are more productive then others, that’s no lie.

How do you all compliment each other?

We are all very different from each other. One Capricorn, one Scorpio and one Aquarius. We’re like, earth, wind and fire but as persons. We have different sets of skills so naturally, we learn a lot from each other.

You have an eye for style and fashion. How would you describe it?

Thank you. We’re in it for the fun, really. Style and fashion is not what we mainly do, so we play around with it… but after all, it only comes back to rock’n’roll jeans and leather jackets, regardless. And sunglasses, obviously.

Who is your biggest music hero and why?

We don’t share the same idols, but we appreciate daring and bold musicians who are not afraid to change or to make a change. People have the power.

Where do you find your inspiration?

It comes naturally from everywhere we go. Photography, movies, books, travels, documentaries, politics. We feel fed up with the fast consumption our surrounding is feeding us with and feel more inspired by sustainability and using what you already have. You don’t need stuff to get inspired or to express yourself.

Do you have a favourite text line from one of your songs?

We’re having so much fun writing lyrics- they’re political, flirty and observing. We’ve written a bunch of yet unreleased songs with hilarious lines. “Why are you wearing that shirt you’re 40” is one of them, we usually always find a victim for that line to eyeball while it’s being sung.

What’s your biggest dream as a band?

Our biggest dream as a band varies. In the short term we want to release an album and go on an endless tour. In the long term, who knows!

Where would you like to perform next?

England, Japan and maybe in an scary cave somewhere. We’d also happily play at Bobby Gillespies 55th birthday party…

Do you have an epic music memory?

When we got blessed by the gods and goddesses of rock’n’roll.

When can we expect more music?

Every time you come see us live, you can expect new, unreleased songs. So you better show up.